Gates & Fences
Gate types


When you plan your gate, It is very important to pay attention to the width of the opening, if the gate is too wide, it will sag from the load of its own weight. Another important issue to consider is which way do we want the gate to swing. The most common frame styles for  a gate are z-frames and perimeter frames.  Both frames styles need cross braces to keep the gates square and prevent sagging. The z-frames are perfect for lightweight gate styles, and the perimeter frames provide support for larger gates.

Basic gates

It is critical to have adequate distribution of the gate weight for proper operation. It is recommended to buy the gate hardware before you build your gate, since it will affect the space between the gate and post.

Chain link gates

Chain link gates are very easy to install when you understand how the pieces fit together. It is usually installed more for practical reasons than for esthetic ones. It is recommended to start with the gate, once the gate is installed you can install the chain link fence to go with it.

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