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Warm wood finishes create high-end kitchen look

(ARA) - If you're dreaming about upgrading your kitchen, you have plenty of company. As people spend more time at home, they're feeling a pent-up desire to change things up, especially in the kitchen.

Only two in 10 consumers say they're completely happy with their kitchens and 42 percent say they'd like to change a few things, according to the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence.


With trends leaning toward warm colors inside the home, many homeowners long for the look of cherry and other rich woods in everything from furniture to cabinetry, but are hampered by the high price point of such products. The good news is this high-end look can be achieved easily and economically while creating a custom appearance and gaining design flexibility in the process.


Hardwood finishes for firm budgets


If you're only changing the cabinetry in your home, choose woods, colors and finishes that will work with other changes you may wish to make later. For example, one versatile type of wood that offers the rich look of cherry without the high cost is Alder, combined with a deep, rich finish. This wood type is found in relatively few kitchens, so it offers an exclusive look with added design flexibility.


Diamond Cabinets' expanded finishes line, which includes delicious new colors such as Chocolate, Cider, Cranberry and Harvest Wheat, is available on the company's new Alder wood cabinets, as well as on its classic Rustic Alder cabinets. Another idea is to choose a cabinet finish that crosses over into a variety of wood types. A Chocolate finish, for instance can be used on either Alder cabinets or on ever-popular Maple cabinets. All of the finishes are designed to blend easily with a variety of home interiors, including those with classic, contemporary, coastal or cottage-style design themes. Even if you modify your home's design over time, your cabinetry can transition beautifully. To see what your new kitchen cabinets could look like, without having to step into a showroom, try the visualization tool at DiamondCabinets.com.



Greater design flexibility inside and out


As you look for greater design flexibility on the exterior of your cabinets, think about the interior of your cabinets as well. If you're only installing a few new things, with a little extra planning you can squeeze every inch out of your existing kitchen footprint by making the most out of every cabinet.


Some cabinets are designed with fashionable exteriors that can be modified with an extra interior drawer of space in an area that usually goes to waste beneath the cabinet. An ingenious cabinet design called a Toekick Drawer can be added to a kitchen base cabinet, bringing valuable extra space to stash hard-to-organize items such as cookie sheets, baking pans or table linens.


For more information and cabinet design ideas, visit DiamondCabinets.com.


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