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Relax In Luxury with Whirlpool Baths

A lot of household appliances and items are usually thought of as being picked because they do the job, nothing else and as long as we can get them for a decent price then we're usually happy.  In recent years though more and more people are indulging themselves with luxury items in the home, from designer kitchens to luxury baths and showers.

One of the items that have shot up in popularity is the Jacuzzi, since we have been enjoying warmer summers and even favourable weather in the spring months; more people have been buying Jacuzzis and hot tubs for their garden.


Of course we don't always get the best weather in the UK so it would be nice to have the level of luxury of a spa but indoors where we're protected from the elements.  Whirlpool baths are exactly what we're looking for, all the luxury of a spa but in the comfort of your own bathroom.



There are two kinds of whirlpool bath: hydrotherapy and Air bubble, Hydrotherapy baths have pressurized water jets that can help relax muscles and be real stress-busters.  The only issue with them is that they are not recommended for use by children or adults with certain medical conditions. 


In which case an Air bubble jet bath is safer with its heated air bubbles gently massaging you instead.  Both tend to look similar to regular baths; their sizes can vary a bit so if you are considering installing a whirlpool bath then it's best to do your homework first.


The benefits of installing a whirlpool bath include not only is it a much better muscle relaxer than your traditional warm bath but it can also help people with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure and muscle problems or sport injuries. 


Obviously the size is going to be the biggest concern so take time to gauge whether it will fit in your home, measure the bath at the store or get dimensions from the brochure.  Measure up your bathroom for possible locations it could go in, you need to check that it won't block access to other bathroom appliances or the bathroom door.


Most whirlpool baths will have some sort of pump system too, you need to make sure that there is sufficient room for that to be hidden away whether it's directly under the bath or close by.  Water pumps may need maintenance over the bath's lifetime and so making sure that you can access it, easily should you need to, is pretty important.



Whilst whirlpool baths are slightly more expensive than regular baths they are not prohibitive and will obviously get more use than a seasonal Jacuzzi.  More people are choosing to buy whirlpool baths when they are designing their new bathrooms much like people are adding small luxuries to new kitchens or building extensions.  It all helps to make our homes a more relaxing and calming retreat from working life.


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Lee Lazarus has written on behalf of Victoria Plumb, who offer a range of bathroom products including whirlpool baths. Victoria Plumb also maintains a tumblelog.


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