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Radiant Bathroom Floor Heating: A Comfortable and 'Green' Choice

When you hear the words 'bathroom floor heating,' chances are you first think of comfort and luxury. However, while radiant floor heating is certainly a comfortable luxury in the bathroom, did you know it can also be a very 'green' bathroom renovation project? If you are considering radiant floor heating for your bathroom, here are a few interesting facts to consider.

Comfort and Consistency 

When you compare radiant heating options to other forms of heating, you'll immediately notice the dependability and consistency of this form of heat. Not only does radiant heating not cause uncomfortable drafts or blasts of too-warm heat, it also provides a way of adding a consistent source of heat to a room. In fact, when radiant floor heating is utilized, it's often possible for a room to feel just as warm, even if the thermostat is set several degrees lower. In climates that do not experience freezing temperatures, solar-powered radiant heating systems can be even more economical and efficient. Once the solar-powered radiant heating system is in place, it will provide comfortable and consistent floor heating, for basically no cost.


Health-Related Advantages


In addition to providing consistent and dependable comfort, there are also obvious health-related advantages to this kind of heat. In households where there are family members that suffer from allergies, radiant heat can help provide relief. While forced-air heating systems tend to help spread allergens and dust, radiant heating systems do not. Additionally, breathing can be much more comfortable, since the air is not as dry as it can be with other forms of heat.


Understanding Radiant Floor Heating Systems


Electric radiant systems are among the most commonly utilized floor heating systems for bathrooms. These systems consist of electrical heating mats or strips, which are positioned on the floor. These heating units are then covered with a layer of concrete. When the system is turned on, the heating elements will warm up the concrete, making the floor quite comfortable beneath the feet. In addition to heating the floor, the warmth will also radiate into the bathroom space itself. Because they are relatively easy to retrofit into an existing room, electrical systems are generally the preferred choice for bathroom renovation projects.



In addition to electric radiant systems, there are also hydronic systems that utilize hot water. These systems can be even more efficient, but they also take more work and preparation to install. When one of the systems is installed, hot water pipes are arranged under the floor. These systems also generally utilize a concrete slab to help radiate the heat through the floor and into the room. Because they are more efficient, they are usually the system of choice for new construction.




If you are looking for a "greener" way to heat your bathroom, radiant floor heating can be the perfect choice. Especially in the case of solar-powered or hydronic systems, they can be quite economical to operate. Plus, most people find that they can set their thermostat lower when radiant heat is utilized, saving money and natural resources. Installing one of these heating systems in your bathroom floor can be the perfect way to enjoy luxury in an economical and environmentally friendly fashion.


Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for Metal-Wall-Art.com, and specifically about designing with western metal wall hangings and moose metal wall art.

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