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Colors for 2008 Culled from the Circle of Life

(ARA) - When selecting colors for inside the home and for your favorite outdoor spaces, where do you find inspiration? Color experts suggest looking to all walks of life across the globe, starting with nature, art, travel, culinary and fashion influences.

"The 2008 nature colors are inspired by the botanical beauty of some of the world's most interesting plants," says Donna Schroeder of Krylon's color and design services team, the Color Marketing Group, Color Association of the United States, and the American Society of Interior Designers. "We are seeing designers and savvy consumers seeking more deep blue-thgreens, dark pine and the surprise of chartreuse balanced by earthier tones such as bamboo and cork to create a soothing, Zen-like garden retreat." 


Blues are a predominant force in 2008, stepping out from the influences of both nature and Scandinavian art. Look for all hues of blue -- cool, bright, deep and rich -- perhaps infused with shimmering peacock colors or shades of the deep blue sea. Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze, Bahama Sea and Global Blue tempered by Ivory represent this clean, inviting look. They are among more than 90 paint colors available in Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint which dries in 10 minutes or less. The paint features a new EZ Touch 360 degree dial spray tip that lets do-it-yourselfers spray vertically, horizontally and any angle in between with far greater comfort for faster, easier paint application.

 Travel and culinary colors stimulate

Whether or not you plan to venture far from the nest in 2008, you can still enjoy colors from all 360 degrees of longitude and latitude, Schroeder says. Jolt your senses with an infusion of color imported from another continent. Evoke the sights and smells of the spice market with its saffrons and cinnamons, along with tribal patterns and sub-Saharan breezes, and luxuriate in the rich shimmer of smoky Krylon Brushed Metallic finishes Sparkling Canyon and Caramel Latte. 


If you enjoy entertaining and savor your friendships as much as each and every bite of crème brulee, why not pepper your home with colors inspired by the fruit of the sea, whole grains and leafy vegetables? These shades contribute to a sense of luxury, bounty and camaraderie, enhancing your entertaining experience. 


For fashion influences, look to chic geometrics and fresh, young color. They are colliding in an explosion of energy in both fashion and home décor, making art nouveau colors and patterns 21st century chic. 


"But even in today's color-friendly designscape, you can overdo it with color," says Schroeder. One solution is to use a "pop" of bold, vivid color for accents such as pillows and side tables, magazine racks, shelves and picture frames. Another is to balance bold hues with whites, neutrals and organic textures. Splashes of color add drama to a room and also can be used to introduce trendy shades or seasonal accents that can be traded out or painted over as time passes, so they are always fresh and up-to-date.



"Match picture frames and candle holders to striking accent pillows, and you may have all the color you need without a great investment of time or money," Schroeder says. Spray paint is ideal for bringing splashes of color home. "It's one of the home decorator's best friends," she says.  For how-to's and home improvement hints, visit www.krylon.com.


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