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Add Outdoor Space and Save Energy

(ARA) - Adding onto your home adds value, but when economic times are tough, big home improvement projects are often not in the budget. However, there are ways to extend your living space to the outdoors with the added benefit of saving energy for less than the cost of an addition.

One cost-effective way to add space is to have a retractable awning installed. Awnings add style to your home while providing an expandable tool to increase outdoor living spaces. Homeowners can enjoy the weather in on-demand shade without worrying about damaging rays or high-cost air conditioning.



"Awnings expand homes by turning decks and patios into added living space, combining the comfort of the indoors with the enjoyment of the outdoors," says Larry Bedosky, director of marketing for Durasol Awnings and an expert on outdoor design. "Consumers are looking for new ways to create an outdoor sanctuary so they can fully and safely enjoy the season without the costs of a full addition."


Additionally, creative shading of windows from the sun allows for moderation of seasonal temperatures without running an air conditioner. Adding a retractable awning to a bright outdoor patio or deck space not only shades you from the sun when lounging or eating outdoors, but efficiently shades windows from searing heat. A Durasol SunShelter retractable awning provides solar protection by allowing you to choose as much or as little shade as you'd like. Put the awning out during the sun's peak hours and prevent the light from heating your home.


Using a fabric awning can reduce solar heat by up to 77 percent - lowering indoor temperatures up to 20 degrees, according to studies conducted by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers. Not only do your cooling costs go down, your furniture and carpet are protected from fading.


Retractable awnings are a stylish way to enjoy the outdoors and save energy. The Durasol SunShelter Series of "lateral arm" awnings are custom-made to suit any home size and style, offering a variety of projection ranges and virtually unlimited widths to meet any space requirement. SunShelter awnings can be mounted on just about any flat surface or even on a roof -- when limited mounting height is available. An optional Drop Valance allows a section of fabric to be lowered from the front bar, providing additional solar protection from early morning and late afternoon sun.



"Awnings are a simple and easy way to expand living space without all the work of an addition. They allow users to fully enjoy the best of each season and their backyards by providing instant shade and superior UV protection at the touch of a button," adds Bedosky. "Match your awning to the style of your choice and enjoy the added value and space it brings to your home."


To learn more about Durasol Awnings or to locate your local dealer, visit www.Durasol.com.


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