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Four simple projects to help sell your home fast

(ARA) - You may have noticed an increase in the number of 'for sale' signs around your neighborhood, and for good reason: Studies show that home listings increase this time of year, as homeowners want to get their families settled before the next school year begins. If you are thinking of selling your home in today's tough market, the experts recommend completing a few projects that will help your home look its best and stand out from the crowd.

According to Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware's home expert, these projects don't have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. "There are four easy and inexpensive projects that I recommend every homeowner complete before they stick that 'for sale' sign in their front yard."


Improve curb appeal


Curb appeal is, quite simply, what prospective buyers first see when their car pulls up to your house. According to the National Association of Realtors, half of all buying decisions are based on curb appeal. "Your mother's advice holds true here - nothing is more important than a good first impression," says Manfredini. "Strong curb appeal will help set a positive tone for the rest of the house."


Walk out to your sidewalk and take a look at the front of your house, checking for anything that needs to be cared for. A good first step is to update your exterior hardware, including house numbers, which often become dirty and dated over time. Today there are several great options on the market that incorporate some color and style, like Hy-Ko's Large Ceramic Tile Address Plaques, which can be customized to your home.


Another quick project is to replace your mailbox. Choose one with a more modern, sleek design such as the Postmaster Amboy Mailbox in black, which looks great on any house and is easy to install. This updated fixture, although small, can do wonders for the overall curb appeal of your home.


Create a luscious lawn


Green, lush lawns always receive a lot of attention. Help your lawn reach its full potential by providing it with the proper fertilizer and grass seed. "My best lawn care advice is to use Scott's Super Turf Builder with Summerguard," says Manfredini. "Beyond helping your lawn grow, this product absorbs water so you don't need to water as often. As an added bonus, it also helps to controls pesky insects."



Manfredini also recommends making sure that your lawn receives between one and one and a half inches of water per week, including rainfall.


Groom your garden


Nothing compliments a great lawn more than a well-manicured garden. After the cold winter months, gardens and flowerbeds can be left looking unruly. Prospective buyers are searching for outdoor spaces where they can enjoy spending time, so it's important that you tidy up these areas.


An easy way to do this is by spreading new mulch. Traditional mulch is a great option, but if you are looking for something that will last, consider Rubberific Rubber Mulch, which will last for 10 years.


"Homeowners should also trim and prune shrubs and trees to create a refined look," says Manfredini. "A 'jungle theme' makes your house look unkempt." This project is made simple with Black & Decker's easy-to-use Electric Hedge Trimmer.


Finally, give your garden a pop of color by planting inexpensive annuals, such as marigolds and snapdragons.


Spruce up with paint


Now that the exterior of your home is looking great, spend some time on your interior. "Interior painting is one of the most inexpensive and simple projects that homeowners can do," says Manfredini. "And, it makes a huge difference!"


Choosing neutral paint colors over bold ones won't distract prospective buyers and will help them visualize making the space their own. Equally important to the color is the type of paint you select. Ace Paint recently launched a new paint called Royal Finest, which is the first paint to combine ultimate stain resistance and environmental friendliness. Royal Finest is made with Scotchgard Protector from 3M, so stains and scuffmarks wipe right off. It is also low-odor, low VOC and GREEN WISE certified, so you know it's eco-friendly.


For more tips and advice on updating your home, visit www.acehardware.com  or stop by your neighborhood Ace Hardware store.


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