10 Warning Signs You Could Need Foundation Repair

By Neil Lemons and Craig Powers

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out your home needs foundation repair.There are several overt signs that make it apparent there is a issue, or that the house is sinking. Look for these signs and call a home foundation professional to double check. Take these with a grain of salt. Only a certified foundation inspection agent can tell you for sure. Fortunately many companies offer free inspections.

Cracks in walls on the inside of the house- Corners of windows will crack horizontally and doors will pull away and not shut properly.

Cracks in your fireplace bricks- When bricks start cracking, you know you have a problem, since they are more stable than drywall.

Previously fixed Nail heads protruding out backwards- This means the gypsum board is being compromised, or bending based on the house leaning, or sinking one way another.

Windows and doors aren’t fitting squarely- Try raising and closing all doors and windows. Are they uneven?That’s a big sign.

Windows on the outside of the house have cracks that run diagonally – This is a slightly different crack that you will see from windows within the house because the caulk joints could be pulling apart too.

Cracks in the exposed concrete at the base of the house – If they are small it could be a non-structural problem, or it could be the first sign of trouble. Check with an inspector to be sure.

Standing water around the house after a rainfall – This could also have something to do with having improper drainage which should also be addressed.

Leaky roof- This could have to do with foundation, or poor roofing. If the roof is in good shape and is relatively new, then it is a foundation problem.

Trees too close to the house- This can cause roots to sidewind under and around the house, cut through concrete, and cause problems.

Roof runoff from gutters not draining away from the house- If once it drains into the yard, the water stays and doesn’t diffuse to a lower place such as a ditch, there could be a problem.

Are you seeing any of these signs? I hope not. Depending on what part of the country you are in, your home may be more susceptible to these issues. Also, the price of fixing the foundation could depend on the age of your home, weather conditions, the size of your home, and several other variables.


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